We’ve been playing in the wind for three decades. CEO and owner, Ron Orton, is a pioneer kiter and windsurfer, and along with a handful of other kiters in Montana, Ron explored the limits of snow and water kiting from the beginning of the sport. KitesWest kites the lakes and mountain snow year-round and tests the limits of cutting-edge gear. As the gear develops and limits are pushed further, KitesWest continues to support the kiting community with technical expertise, the best gear available, as well as adhering to the highest safety standards—all to share and participate in the pure joy of kiting. Our team of kiters welcomes all, from newcomers to veterans, exploring the frontiers of nextgen kiting. We are proud of our direct link to roots developers in our industry—lifetime friends and family—and continue to share our connections with an ever-growing world-wide kite community. This community is our home and our home is wherever we are. Come fly with us!